Media and Business Services Overview

Are you finding your business a little slow? Has a new rival moved into the neighborhood and upstaged you? Is your business property becoming a little rundown? Are there some odd jobs that you just haven't gotten around to doing? Perhaps some sprucing up and a new look would help restore the glam and glitz to your offices, or restaurant. The FIXall Network can help with this, and part of the FIX is your new media package.

Our Media Services will help to communicate your business to the world. Our graphic designer and fine artist Eleanor (more often known as Elle or Ellie), will create incredible colourful, modern signs for your storefront. If you need an entire media or promotional package beginning with your logo, business card, and advertising flyers through to store front signage, window paintings, and web site, elle and the FIXall Network can help.

As a testament to Elle's skill and talent, please look over this website, completely designed by Elle. The site includes a portfolio section, menu designs and window painting designs, to give you an idea of what can be accomplished with graphics. We are sure that Elle's talents are indisputable as a designer. Elle's rates are very competitive and Elle likes to work hands on with the client to achieve the designs that you have in mind.