Contractor Building Services

Our contractor, Berabus brings the experience of having worked on many huge projects in the Ottawa/Hull area and also in Toronto. Specifically, in the Hull area, Berabus worked on all phases of the Place de Portage Government buildings as a glassier, responsible for windows and glass installation.

His most recent renovation of the enclosed breezeway of a bungalow involved building the area into a room. The front door and wall were removed and a new wall with a picture window was built. The back wall including a door was removed and a new wall containing two casement windows was built. New doors were installed leading from this area into the house on the right side...

...and a studio apartment on the left side. The new room was fully insulated and hardwood flooring installed. The home owners painted the room themselves. This renovation transformed the home into a cohesive unit and helped to bring down the cost of heating the studio apartment. This renovation took two days. This home owner will gladly provide brilliant references.