Web Design Portfolio

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Web Design Services: elle A Designs, our web site designer will make available to you free via read only disk, a complete instructional website which will completely familiarize the client with the concepts below and how they actually look in visual, internet terms. Please contact Elle for your free disk for complete understanding of web design concepts you can utilize in your web site.

Web Language and Coding

  1.     dHTML, XML, HTML, Frames, I-Frames
  2.     JavaScript Interactive Programming
  3.     CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) for fast web style revamp
  4.     ASP (Active Server Pages) for fast site upload
  5.     Form Creation for guestbooks, email and inquiries
  6.     Reference, Image Mapping for mouse-over effects
Web Related Skills

  1.     Graphic Art Work & Design: based on client's concept
  2.     Layout: Formatting of web site to client specifications
  3.     Photography: of products, personnel, foods
  4.     Scanning: of existing photo material to digital state
  5.     Menu Creation: for comprehensive navigation of web site
  6.     DisK Burning: for backup of completed internet web files
  7.     Inclusion of Music: MP3s and player imbedding
  8.     Logo and Banner Creation: based on client's concept
  9.     Slide Shows: to show case your products and services
  10.     Special FX: for interest and interactivity.
  11.     Location Maps: get customers to your place of business
  12.     Games: appropriate for educational and youth sites
  13.     Written Composition: for your web site information
  14.     Splash Screen: interesting tour or show presentation
  15.     FTP: File Transfer Protocol to post web site on internet

  1.     Microsoft Frontpage: HTML and CSS editor
  2.     Macromedia Dreamweaver: Javascript, HTML and CSS editor
  3.     Adobe PhotoShop: digital graphics program
  4.     Macromedia Flash: digital graphics website animation program
  5.     Gif Animator: creates animated images
  6.     Macromedia Fireworks: creates, edits graphics for web sites
  7.     Excell Spreadsheet: for data integration into web pages
  8.     Adobe PDF: for user self printing of site information
  9.     Screen Capturer: for educational program developement
  10.     Microsoft Access: for searchable data base creation