Internet / Intranet Services Overview

Does your company or your family need a website or home page on the internet. elle A Designs, our web site designer will make available to you FREE a complete instructional disk which will completely familiarize the client with the concepts of web design and the services available. Please contact Elle for your free disk. NOTE: Web design prices do NOT include ISP (Internet Service Provider) charges or the cost of domaine procuration.

The FIXall Network's resident computer buff, Eleanor, is able to offer at home or in office computer training of graphic and web design programs and applications which are not covered in Microsoft Certification protocols. Check the training section for a full list of the applications covered.

To help keep your costs down, the FIXall Network is able to offer you, space within our domaine at Your internet address (URL) would then be configured as Simply replace your_name with the name of your website.

We offer reasonable rates and will upload your website free of charge to our domaine. If you wish to have your own dot com address, we will help to procure the domaine of your choice, at reasonable rates through our Internet Service Provider.

For an indepth discussion of the services provided by our web designer please see this link, elle A Designs Website. This web site will help to demystify the world of web design for you and shows the possibilities which our team can bring to your web site.

Services included with our web designs are: Logo, Banner and Animated GIF creation, Layout and Design, Form Creation and Implementation, Content Display, Flash Animation, Cascading Style Sheet Implementation, Photographic Services.