Fun and Stylish Window Paintings

Welcome to the Windows Experience, a window painting experience for retail and private establishments and a new enterprise which will give a fresh splash of spice and flavour to the look of your business' most important feature: your store front windows. Brightly coloured, seasonal and holiday window promotions will add inviting appeal to your curb entrance, injecting customer interest in your promotions and retail sales.

We are all about making your storefront windows work for you as an advertising tool. By adding vibrant, freshly coloured, season and occasion paintings to your windows, in tandem with your window display, your windows will communicate more profitably for your business. Your attractively painted and displayed windows can draw more clients into your store through the use of humour and point of sale advertising.

We invite you to look over our portfolio of colour designs by clicking on any of the links below. We are pleased to visit you in person, at your retail outlet. Contact us for a personnal appointment. Our portfolio designs are reflected in these web pages. When you have clicked on the links below, we invite you to check out our designs by clicking on the thumbnail sketches to the left and right of the text in most of the pages.

Window Experience designs are colourful, tasteful and can be made humourous with the addition of text. The colours used in our samples can be tailored to co-ordinate with your store front's exterior and interior colour scheme.

Colors used by our artist are: red, yellow, blue, orange, green, purple, and any colours which can be created by adding black or white to these colors. Painting outlines are done in black. White is also available as a painting colour. The material used is a water soluable tempera paint manufactured strictly for application to glass.

With our low prices, you can't afford not to consider custom designed and painted seasonal windows. Our cost packages include the application and removal of the design and text, to and from your window. We recommend advertising for a full month or more prior to the holiday date. When advertising special retail sales events, your window can announce the timespan of the sale, and we guarantee timely removal of the painted design, once the sale is over.

Here is our process. The first step is to draw your design and text, in the dimensions that you specify. The preliminary drawing is put on the outside of the window with grease pencil and removed upon completion. This will ensure that the outside of your window recieves a thorough scrubbing for maximum curb appeal.

Once you have approved the preliminary drawing, step two is to wash the interior of the window. The black outline of the design is then painted on the inside of your window.

The last step is to apply colour to the outlined areas using a previously prepared acetate reference sheet. This reference sheet is prepared before hand and outlines the agreed upon colour scheme.

We use every precaution to apply paint only to windows. Plastic drop cloths are put on your floor and window casings are masked (when nessecary) with painters tape. Tape and plastic are removed upon completion.

Our painted designs incorporate precision drawing and painting skills. Depending on the size most windows will be completed in four to eight hours.

An unrefundable deposit of one third of the estimated cost is required at the time of the start of work. The balance must be secured at the completion of the work, unles other arrangements are made with the executing artist.

While we are on premises, our staff will act professionally. We will take our breaks offsite, but we do ask that you allow our staff access to your toilet facilities.

Please enjoy our wonderful, creative designs and imagine your store front painted with the design and text of your choice to advertise your next upcoming sale event. Contact us. You'll be glad you did.