Free Estimate

The FIXall Network team will provide a free estimate for any type of work you require. Material and tool rental costs will be included in the estimate. General Contracting, renovation, repair and painting costs are based on a half day or day rate labour fee. The day rate is $100 Canadian.

elle A Designs, our web site designer will make available to you FREE a complete instructional disk which will completely familiarize the client with the concepts of web design and the services available. Please contact Elle for your free disk. NOTE: Web design prices do NOT include ISP (Internet Service Provider) charges or the cost of domaine procuration. Generally, a website can be designed starting at $100 dollars for 5 pages.

Photography services are provided based on a half day or day rate labour fee. The day rate is $100 Canadian.

Signs are designed and built in panels. Our rates are very reasonable starting at $50 labour fee for a 36 x 48 panel (the A-frame sandwich board is considered a double panel) and doubling as the size doubles. Contact Eleanor at FIXall Network, for a free estimate which will include design cost, inspection of surface where sign is to be hung, material and labour cost.

Computer Training tutorial fees are generally $10.00 per hour. A package fee for the course instruction booklet and CD read only instruction disk will cost $20.00. Our hours are flexible and we hold class in your home, for your convenience and to let you get to know your own computer. Contact Eleanor for more information.

Home Organization with our domestic engineer, Louise takes place on a day rate basis. Louise will inspect and provide a free estimate with recommendations of storage solutions. Fees for delivery of products not included. An option is to shop with Louise, in your car, to learn all there is about storage solutions. Louise will help to organize your initiative, helping to clear clutter and organize your home.