Home and Domestic Services Overview

Our Home Services are provided to totally makeover your home, get it into tip top shape with every thing well-tuned. We will transform your house into a model home for your family to enjoy for years. It has been proven that a cluttered, ill functioning home can create anxiety for anyone entering or living in this type of home. It is well worth while to take command of your home for the health of your family. Our team will work in tandem with home owners toward this goal.

Real Estate Agents have known for years, that cluttered ill kept homes are difficult to sell as a buyer sees only the expensive issues they will need to address and pay for, rather than recognizing the value of your home. The state of clutter and repair of your home will raise or lower the final market price which you can achieve.

The FIXall Network can help. We will aid the client to bring their home to a state of perfection. If your issues are small jobs, we can take care of those. On the other hand, your home may need an overhaul of clutter, issues, storage and staging of furnishings to enhance the home's best features. We can help with this as well. Our team of contractor, home organizer and designer will work together with you to raise the resale value of your home, costing only a small percentage of your total resale profit and adding thousands of dollars of profit to your sale.