A-Frame Sandwich Board Signs

Free standing, double sided, our A frame sandwich board signs, may incorporate a black board area for daily updates of restaurant menues or retail store specials and are built using weather resistant wood and exterior oil-based paint, to ensure your sandwich board's longevity, in the size you require. Elle also designs co-ordinating interior menu boards which may also include a black board.

Below we present a small gallery of sample sandwich boards. Simply click on the small images (known as thumbnails) to see an enlargement of that sample. Our designer, Elle, uses a computer application, Adobe Photoshop, to design your sandwich board. This application makes it easy to move lettering, words and images around. Fonts can be easily changed, along with the spacing or kearning.

Text can be easily changed from horizontal to vertical and effects can be applied to text. For a sample of font types to pick from we have included a table at the bottom of this page which shows a selection of font styles. Our window painting section will give you an idea of the type of graphic images available. If the client already has his own logo conception, this can definitely be used. Why reinvent the wheel?