Window, Door Repair and Installation

As a licensed Metal Mechanic, our contractor has spent most of his career, involved in the installation of windows and steel in sky scrapers and office/apartment buildings. He also worked on the famous CN Tower in Toronto, installing steel and rebarb reinforcements for the poured cement pedestal of the Tower. He is experienced in the installation of all manner of windows.

Repair and replacement: of torn window and door screens, leaky skylight windows, broken window glass, malfunctioning windows.

Replacement: of windows as part of a renovation.

Replacement: and resizing of windows.

Removal: of window to turn window area into wall.

Installation: of skylight and most types of windows.

Installation: of screen doors, patio doors, garage doors, exterior doors, interior doors.

Door knob and lock replacement: on existing or newly installed doors.

Caulking and Weather Proofing: of newly installed doors, windows and also of pre-existing doors and windows.