Overview: Using Special FX on Your Site

Alternative and creative. Site must be viewed at 1024 X 1168 resolution.
We are calling this section Special FX, but it really should be called JavaScript and dHTML FX. This would be a double entendre though, as we have JS and dHTML throughout our site, working behind the scene.

On our site, we use JS for the loading of images and some special purposing of textual and charting functions such as menus and header graphics. So that is whey we are calling this section Special FX.

The effects found in this section should be one time items in a website seen on pages entirely designed to house them. We will give some recommendations of how and why to use these Special FX.

Screen Transitions are scripted into web pages, to occur when the viewer jumps through a link. The new page transitions in using one of the following effects. 1. Box out 2. Circle in 3. Circle out 4. Wipe up 5. Wipe down 6. Wipe right 7. Wipe left 8. Vertical blinds 9. Horizontal blinds 10. Checkerboard across 11. Checkerboard down 12. Random dissolve 13. Split vertical in 14. Split vertical out 15. Split horizontal in 16. Split horizontal out 17. Strips left down 18. Strips left up 19. Strips right down 20. Strips right up 21. Random bars horizontal 22. Random bars vertical 23. Random

Expandable and Contractable Text Blocks is one of our favorite JavaScript programs, and allows your audience to control the way that the information is presented. Seen as simply headings, but once clicked, the headings present with now unhidden textual information. Your audience can opt to open and close the titles one at a time allowing themselves to focus in on the actual material that has been sorted onto the page. Or they can expand the entire page at once.

Our Expand Chart uses the same Expandable and Contractable Javascripting, which we have expanded into a chart. Again, when a lot of information needs to presented, but does not nessecarily need to be seen all at once, this is our solution.

The Link Elevator is actually a floating image incorporating links and stays in view at all times. It can be used to advertise a partner website. For instance as an example, ABC Renovation Company has partners who do specialized work for them in their renovations. The Link Elevator would be the perfect way to send traffic and customers to your partner's sites. This floating image ad would be great on a help page because that's where people go for answers or on the page where you announce the existence of your partners.

The Scroll Box is a scrollable content box and is useful in a pre-existing site where you have inflexible space constraints and you need to make an important announcement which may be lengthy. In a new site it might be useful to record some very involved scheduling. The box itself can be used a number of times in a page. For instance if ABC renovation has four different renovation payment plans, the scrolling box could be used four times--one for each of the different payment programs. Since the scroll box stops in place, the beauty of it is that it keeps the reader on the same screen so that, this really important information can be compared by the customer to help ease his decision.

Games are appropriate on sites aimed at youngsters. Parents can encourage children to visit appropriate educational sites with the reward of a game. Our games are old fashioned thinking games which create hand to eye coordination and develop problem solving abilities.

Our moving images special effect has been used on two completely different pages to demonstrate two completely different applications. An art framing site and an property management site will both appreciate the ability to move images for testing and visualizations purposes. Your company may have a useful purpose for this type of script. Ask us and we will let you know if we can purpose this or any of the Special FX scripts for your site.

The Drop In Text Box is great to announce new sales, programs or promotions on your site. You should use it on your site's entry page so that old customers can be kept apprised of new information that they would appreciate knowing quickly.

Our Credit Roll is actually not JavaScript, but is a Java Applet. The self scrolling Credit Crawl is an excellent visual way to give credit or to mention groups within your organization, to make daily or weekly announcements on your site or could contain your tip of the day. And as demonstrated, it can also include links to pages that will more fully embellish the concepts within the Credit Roll.