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We are including a site map in the elle A design web site, not because it needs one, but because this is a tool that can be created to help an over burdonned ad hoc website. What is an ad hoc web site?

It is a website whose navigation system has be compromised by adding sections of information through page links rather than directly into the navigation system. This type of a web site is difficult to navigate.

To avoid an ad hoc navigation system, create your navigation system carefully and well, before any work begins on your web design. The web designer should be able to add in to your navigation system.

All it takes is breaking out your sections in a very comprehensive and detailed manner BEFORE any work takes place on a computer. Some designers call a navigation system, a menu. elle A Designs addresses this by using both terms in our site. We feel that if people would use the term navigation rather than menu, they would never later on need a site map. You will also note that the navigation system of elle A Designs is very comprehensive making it fairly simple to add pages and concepts later on. Our menu overview page gives a very detailed example of the steps to take to create an excellent navigation system which will be expandable in the future... [take me there]. The site map example below could also be used as a web site navigational menu if you so choose.

Home This was the first page you say when you came on our site. Did our home page make an impact on you? Did it draw you in and make you want to see more?
About This is where you can learn more about elle A, our designer and her thoughts on webdesign. Here you will find a discussion of the intention of our website and how you can be involved.
Services Learn more about the skills that elle A Designs can bring to your web concepts and the services that we render while building your site and afterwards.
Portfolio Check out comments by happy customers of elle A Designs. Peruse these websites and discover the originality and diversity that elle A Designs can bring to your web project.
Contact Visit this page for elle A Designs contact information. You can phone us or contact us by email.
News elle A Designs gathers news articles and links on new trends in webdesign. Keeping up to date is as important to elle A Designs as creativity is.
Site Map The Site Map section is that which you are viewing at this moment. Note that this tabbed menu can be used by you in your website design as a navigational tool. Check out the Menu section for more navigational tools.

Overview Graphics are essential to any website to create visual interest. This page gives us an overview of the manner in which designers achieve graphics for the World Wide Web.
Photography Photography has gone digital but with the use of a scanner, your old style film photos can be incorporated into your website. Read a discussion on how some designers feel that film produces superior photographs.
Photoshop This page has been concieved to help with your comprehension of a graphic and paint application which can be used with or without photographic images, called Adobe Photoshop.
Slideshows    Retail websites need images of the goods that they sell. This section presents various slideshows to use for image collections.
Projects    This section presents various graphic projects which are incorporated into Javascript and Flash programming for interactive effect and interest.
Animated GIFs Less complicated than flash and javascript, animated gifs are compact and can be used to great effect to advertise concepts that you want to repeat.
Banners Banners are the business cards of the web. A company creates a banner which incorporates it's logo to be displayed on other company's websites for advertising purposes. Of course this is a reciprocal gesture on both companies parts.
Logos The Logo is the most important advertising tool that a company has. It reflects that company's image and is used on bags, business cards, stationary, correspondance, brochures, coffee mugs, price tags, TV advertising, billboards, and so on.
JPG vs GIF When you're ready to add graphics to your Web pages, you'll immediately be confronted with a question: How should you format your images? JPG or GIF? Here we have a discussion of the pros and cons of both formats.
Adobe PhotoShop A 10 image, captioned slide show describes each step required to format the photoshop document toward the final creation. Below that is a table showing all the header graphics used in this site, all created with Adobe PhotoShop.
PhotoshopTools We would like to present some information about the amazing Adobe PhotoShop Application including tools that let you use type, paint, draw, sample, edit, move, annotate, and view images.

Overview There are two methods to the creation of text on a page of a website, through the use of either text fonts or image fonts. This page discusses the pros and cons of both processes.
3-D Text Fonts Using dHTML, the layout, positioning, style of text, textboxes and borders of a webpage can be made very precise and 3-D text can be created with text fonts.
Graphic Fonts A discussion of the history and development of fonts from ancient times to modern times through hieroglyphics, cunniform, blackletter, to the creation of fonts to be used by Guttenburg in moveable type presses.
Emotive "Emotive" Fonts are fun and extremely art oriented. They can add a lot of impact to the look of your site, if used discretely in logos and page headers. Examine some "emotive" fonts here.
Sans Serif Sans Serif fonts are very modern and were not developed until the last century. Sans is a french word meaning without. Serif is the name given to the embellishments that were put on letters, the caps and bases the letters stood on.
Serif In today's modern technological world, more is better and that applies to the look of letters too. Check out some modern times Serif fonts, mostly designed in the last century.
Narrow Any font can be made narrow in a good graphics application but during the process, may lose some of their clarity. The fonts featured on this page were designed to be narrow and maintain clarity.
Goth & Symbol Gothic fonts, otherwise known as blackletter or Old English are still quite popular among artists, designers and certain types of businesses which relate to antiquity and historical periods. A number are featured on this page.
Printing The fonts featured here are designed to look like printing, to give a casual feel to a presentation and to click with the general public. Many come to us from movie and television technology.
Handwriting Handwriting developed by monks, was typically only used by the highly educated soon after the renaissance until only a hundred years ago. Once education was available to all, handwriting lost a lot of its florish and became more time economical to render. Examples on this page show the development of modern handwriting.
Arabesques Decorative elements have been used by designers and printers since the invention of moveable type. Arabesques range from geometric designs to configurations of intertwining leaves and flowers.

Overview Color theory encompasses a multitude of definitions, concepts and design applications. All the information would fill several encyclopedias. As an introduction, this page introduces a few basic concepts.
Digital Color An explanation of how digital colour differs from material colour and the concepts behind the creation of digital colour as seen on your computer screen.
Safe Palette The 216-color "safe" palette shows the values and hex codes for colours which work on all internet browser platforms. It is a good idea to pick your colour scheme from this page.
Solid Color Click in the center of each colour splash and the page background will be filled with that colour. This page shows how these colours will look filling an entire screen.
Backgrounds1 Click in the center of each image and the page background will be filled with that image. This page shows how the page will look filled with a textured colour background.
Backgrounds2 Again, click in the center of each image and the page background will be filled with that image. This page shows a new grouping of images and works the same as the Backgrounds 1 page.
Backgrounds3 This page uses smaller images and works the same as Background 1 and Background 2 pages.

Overview Navigation is very important to your website. This page discusses how a well organized website should be broken down into sections and pages.
Hilite Menu1 Featured is a fully functional menu with highlighted mouseover links. The look, size, colour and font used in this menu can be reconfigured to coordinate with your website's needs.
Hilite Menu2 This menu is a variation of Hilite Menu 1.
Context Menu A custom menu that pops up in place of the default menu when you right click your mouse. This custom menu can do virtually anything you want it to do, although here, it's designed to go to a set of URLs. Also note that window targeting is possible with each link, so the links can be specified to open either in current window, or another.
Switch Menu Featured is a two state switch menu which can be opened and closed. Again the look, size, colour and font used in this menu can be reconfigured to coordinate with your website's needs. Very useful in small spaces.
Top Nav Menu This menu can be positioned anywhere on the page and features hidden windows which drop down when the cursor moves onto the menu title. Again the look, size, colour and font used in this menu can be reconfigured to coordinate with your website's needs.
Tree Menu Featured is a classic folding tree menu, similar to that seen in the Internet Explorer's (98) Exploring function. The menu uses images of open and closed folders, as well as an open page image to indicate the status of the links.
Slide Out Menu Featured is a slide out menu which tucks neatly into the edge of the window when not in use. This menu is an external HTML file, and can be edited by anyone who knows HTML.
Tabbed Menu This page is our tabbed menu. What a great way to outline information for your customers and visitors.
Graphic Mouseover Graphic menus allow you to create a very unique image for your website, working from photographs, art work and drawings. Your photograph can be cut up in Adobe Photoshop, text applied to it and built into a graphic menu.
Milonic Menu We include this Melonic menu in the elle A Designs site as purely a demonstration and invite you to visit to view other extremely well designed menus.
Chrome Menu This menu was designed and published for public use by Dynamic Drive. We gratefully acknowledge the use of JavaScript programs from Dynamic Drive throughout our site.
Chained Menu Our chained menu will allow you to search more easily for specific concepts that you are interested in.
Outlook Menu This menu, to be used in a framed site demonstrates a menu very much resembling the Outlook Email menu. We custom designed our graphics and this page is chock full of information on frames and I-frame concepts.

Overview A short discussion of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) with demonstrations included. This page targets the use of CSS for text placement and web links.
Font Styles This page shows some examples of how text can be manipulated through the use of Style Sheets. Most of these text stylizations can only be achieved with CSS used in conjunction with HTML.
Watermarks A watermark sits on the page and stays in view even when the page is scrolled giving your website a classy appearance.
Forms Many HTML based web forms are very bland looking. With CSS, the look of your web form can be spruced up with colour, custom spacing, interesting fonts and customized buttons.
Background The background of your page can be set to repeat only once across the top of the page for interesting effect.
Margins A side margin repeating background can be set on the page with the use of CSS.
Boxes and    Borders For an e-zine web site, text boxes are a must. CSS will absolutely position text boxes with borders, to give this type of site a very polished look, much like a newspaper or magazine.
Grow Image This page demonstrates how any image can be made to dynamically grow on the page. Very useful as a marketting tool to get the viewers attention.

Overview Are you interested in gathering information? This page features a discussion of when and how to use forms on your site.
Guest Book This form features a bulleted multiple choice selector, a drop down selector, a number of input boxes, a checkbox, a submit and a clear button all of which can be used to create a questionaire.
Calendar Check out this cool DHTML calendar, which not only looks handsome, but allows you to dynamically look up the calendar for any particular month and or year.
Form Calendar This popup calendar was designed to provide a user friendly and flexible way to choose and insert dates in form fields. One instance of PopUp Calendar can be attached to an unlimited number of page form fields.
Form Hilight Increase the "intuitiveness" of filling out forms on your site with this script. It applies coloring to the form element in focus, better indicating which one the user is currently on.
Form Validate One of the most popular form validation tasks is to check that important fields within a form have been filled out by the user. This is a generic script that will do just that. By verifying that mandatory fields are filled in before form submission, you will ensure that you receive all the information that you require to make the submission useful and valueable.
Data Table Once you've collected all your data, you can use an excell spread sheet to display the data, or you can opt for our solution. The sortable data table featured on this page is so easy to update, a child could do it.
Form Buttons This page demonstrates six form buttons all styled slightly differently. These buttons include a mouseover which is not the standard for a form button. The text style on the buttons has even been varied to show the control that can be achieved over form buttons.
Event Calendar Able to include a lot of information and highly customizable, this calendar can go from junior kindergarten to senior executive by simply reconfiguring the features and creating appropriate images.

Overview A discussion of when and why to use special effects on your site, and the usefulness of javascript programming on the web.
Transitions This pages uses a slide show to demonstrate a concept called transitions where one page appears to dissolve into another page when a link is activated.
Expand Text
Expand Chart
For sites with an abundance of text copy, we present the perfect solution. Titles, when clicked with the mouse, expand to reveal the body of the text. This limits the amount of scrolling the viewer must do and keeps the focus on the correct area of the page.
Link Elevator This javascript effect is designed to make use of the margins on your website. Your logo and associated links float up and down the side of the page, and when the page is scrolled, the link elevator stays in sight.
Scroll Box A two by two inch text box which is scrollable and holds both links and images if needed. For sites which have become tight for space this is the perfect solution to insert much information in a small space.
Games Featured are links to four games: Tetris, Snake, Tic Tac Toe, and Checkers. Any site which focuses on children's needs should include a little fun and a game or two.
Moving Image 1 We can think of a few retail situations which might make use of moveable images on a website. For instance, as pictured on this page, a frame or art site.
Moving Image 2 Ut wisis enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exerci tution ullamcorper suscipit lobortis nisl ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis te feugifacilisi. Duis autem dolor in hendrerit in vulputate velit esse molestie consequat
Dropin Textbox As your page opens, a textbox advertising changes to your site or perhaps a sale announcement, drops down, immediately grabbing the viewers attention. This is a great marketing tool.
Credit Roll This page features a Java applet which produces a scrolling credit roll similar to that seen at the end of a movie. This would be a great way to pay tribute to your staff on your site. Everyone would love to see their name up in lights.

Overview The emphasis of this section of our site is on fully developed artistic, graphic and design concepts, and the importance of visual "eye candy" to your website.
Fireworks The Macromedia people have created an application called Fireworks which makes the cutting of graphics into HTML pages very easy. This page showcases some sites designed with the utilization of Fireworks.
Art Work This page features acrylic paintings and computer art by our primo designer, elle A. Artist's notes are included for an interesting trip into the imagination of this artist.
Site Designs We've used a splash screen presentation to showcase our webdesigns. It includes a 'skip intro' link which allows you to opt out of the demo and go straight to an explanatory page.
Clip Art This section presents colourful, hand draw clipart for all occasions, to spruce up your website and present a festive theme to your website during holiday periods. We have accumulated beautiful designs for use during Christmas, New Year's, Valentine's, St.Patrick's, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Hallowe'en holidays. Also presented is a section named OTHER RETAIL with options for back to school, birthdays, children's crafts, graduation, travel, and character drawings.
Functional Map Take a self-driven tour of the Rideau Valley. The links underneath the map will show where each of our featured towns is located. Move your mouse over any star area of the map for driving instructions. Click on the link for a feature page on our star towns of the Rideau Valley.
Tour Map The city of Toronto is known in Canada, for it's artists and galleries. Our designer, elle A, loves to visit Toronto to engage in weekend long gallery tours. We put this map together with elle A's help. Our map shows the location of twenty plus galleries in the Studio District of Toronto. The red dots represent the gallery's location and the address is revealed when your mouse cursor touches the red dot.
Cuisine Menus elle A Designs works off the internet. Does your company need promotional materials, brochures, business cards, and packaging ideas? Restaurant menus? It's one stop shopping at elle A Designs. In tandam with your site design, we are able to put a whole package of print ready promotional products together for you, in a print ready state, with recommendations on pricing and printing companies to use.