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elle A Designs take the mystery out of webdesign.
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 Designer vs Artist

Painting by elle A.
elle A  Designs with Paint?
With so many web designers claiming to be artists, it is refreshing to find one who really is an artist. elle A presents a gallery of art work here on site to dispel any doubts that she really is what she says she is: a graphic designer, artist and photographer of real talent... [take me there]
 Macromedia Flash

Consider a Flash Website.
Macromedia Flash is becoming the standard for internet web design. With the use of JavaScript within the Flash application, some very elaborate animations can be created. In our "zagsplosion" flash presentation, the original images were created in Adobe Photoshop. Then we used very simple flash functions to achieve a blasting effect. The integrity of the original images, held up well with the export into Flash. Check out a fun, creative alternative menu for an e-zine site...  [take me there]
 Hubble Telescope

Hubble Telescope shot of Helix Nebula.
The Eye of God?
This photograph of the coil-shaped Helix Nebula is one of the largest and most detailed celestial images ever made. The composite picture is a seamless blend of ultra-sharp images from NASA's Hubble Space [take me there]

elle A Design Graphic Web Design Mysteries Revealed.  elle A Designs exploded on the internet recently and with promises to reveal all and take the mystery out of web design, we feel its about time. At last a web design team has stepped up to offer custom made websites where the client is invited to take charge and to educate themselves in the mystery of webdesign. The client is then asked to choose from the options offered on the site and to be in charge of the custom look that they would like to achieve. All this at very reasonable prices ...[take me there]
 Features On This Website

Take Control of the Look of Your Website.  The internet started out with HTML or hypertext markup language which uses rows and columns to position objects on a web page. Then there was CSS or cascading style sheets which gives the designer the ability to absolutely position objects, text, images, boxes, everything on a web page. Suddenly designers can take absolute control of the appearance of a page and actually have a heck of a lot more fun ... [take me there]
 Marketing Tips

elle A Design Logo Your Logo, Your MOST Important Marketing Tool.
The Logo is the most important advertising tool that a company has. It reflects that company's image and is used on bags, business cards, stationary, correspondence, brochures, coffee mugs, price tags, TV advertising, billboards, and  on so many items we don't have enough space to list them all. Your logo can make people sit up and take notice or make people snooze. We shopped the net to bring you these high ranking logos. Have a look and judge for yourself, how does your logo stand up....[take me there]
 Creativity versus Cookie Cutter

We are tired of Cookie Cutter Web Pages. Ever notice that so many of the web sites on the internet look a lot alike? That is because web design houses manufacture template sites and sell these, to be filled in and customized by the buyer's in house web team. Not so with elle A Designs. Check out web pages by elle A Designs who are not afraid to be creative and cater to the most discriminating and creative of web users. from rock musicians, artists, and religious organizations to online gambling e-zine sites. elle A design has taken them all on very successfully...[take me there]
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