Work and Portfolio of elle A Designs

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Welcome to our Porfolio section. We have chosen a splash screen function to showcase elle A Designs' portfolio. It could also be used to introduce your website, or as a photo album tour of an educational facility, a hotel tour or a business with onsite services.
Below is our presentation showcasing various websites designed by elle A Designs. We are fairly proud of the work we have done and if our presentation has ended before you had a chance to see it, click here to see it again and immediately afterwards scroll the page down.
Our presentation should show that we, at elle A Designs, are not afraid to use colour and to actually design our sites to give you a stylish and unique home on the internet. We love images, fonts, graphics and neat FX (effects) such as this splash screen function.
You might ask, "What is a splash screen function?" You'll note in the presentation below that the images splash in and out. Our supersized logo is a background image and stays the same, however the foreground image changes and the title above it also. This effect can be used with more text and less or no images as well. There is a link that you can use to skip the intro if you like and that will take you to our stabilized portfolio presentation. You can let your mouse do the walking over the various thumbnail images and read about the various sites. By clicking on the thumbnail images you will recieve a larger view within the tabled images. In every corner and on every page of this site we have strived to bring insiteful solutions and discussions of how and when these solutions can and should be implemented. As nessecity is the mother of invention, your imagination will let you know which concepts you would like to see on your site. If our presentation has ended before you get a chance to see it simply click here to see it again and scroll the page down.