About elle A Designs

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Hello esteemed reader. Welcome to elle A Designs. You, who are shopping for a web designer will find many examples of web design on the internet, where the design format has been carefully worked out.
You might say to yourself, this is a beautiful site for the retailing of this particular product, but can this designer find a solution for the marketing of my product?
Our site, elle A Designs, has been created and designed to educate and illuminate the consumer and to show the myriad of possible solutions for your site.
In every corner and every page of this site we have brought insiteful solutions and discussions of how and when these solutions can and should be implemented. As nessecity is the mother of invention, your imagination will let you know which concepts you would like to see on your site.

elle A Designs proposes to explain and thereby educate you, the consumer, as to how our solutions can be of benefit to your website. We guarantee that you will not end up with a cookie cutter site. We wish to present to you, working solutions that can be incorporated into many types of web designs, with you finally choosing the solutions that work best for you.

Our GRAPHICS section is loaded with information pertaining to the creation and viewing of images. The slideshow section alone presents eleven types of slideshows, each distinctly unique. The pages elaborate on where each slideshow would be best implemented. The projects section showcases eleven elaborate graphic, flash and menu presentations created by elle A, our designer. Also included are discussions and examples of photography, Adobe Photoshop, animated GIFs, banners and logos. This section invites you to enjoy imagery and to understand the ease and versatility of incorporating graphics and images into your own web site.

Our FONTS section illustrates many popular fonts which you may choose to incorporate into your website. They are illustrated and discussed in a manner that will allow you to judge for yourself the type of font that will work for you. This section also presents some very important information about how fonts are represented on the web, in the form of both images and as text. We believe the information in this section will make choosing your fonts easier and will allow you to have some control over the style and look of your website.

Our COLOURS section discusses the importance of your color choices and how color affects your readers and viewers. There is a page devoted to Color Theory and another explaining digital color. Included on this page is a discussion of the psychological effects of colors on the general public, with recommendations made for the use of particular colors. This section also gives three pages of examples of background wall paper for you site, if you are inclined to be daring.

Our MENUS section illustrates both graphic and non-graphic menus. Navigation is probably the most important aspect of a website and solutions discussed in this section are very diverse. Again, these pages attempt to educate and enlighten the shopper about the pros and cons of various navigation systems. You will note that our site has a very unique, custom made navigation system which we have purposefully situated on the right hand side our pages. We have also incorporated our navigation into the header section.

Our STYLING section is meant to educate you the shopper, on a lesser known aspect of web design, called Cascading Style Sheets or CSS. This section incorporates many features which can make a web site much more interesting than a site built with straight HTML. CSS allows for the control of and absolute placement of objects (text, text boxes, watermarks, non-repeating backgrounds and colorful forms) in your web pages.

Our FORMS section is presented as an educational forum with discussions of the value of using forms to gather information about your customers' needs. We have included every conceivable attribute and feature that you would want your forms to contain, such as data validation, highlighting, two types of calendars and an easy to update, sortable data table.

Our SPECIALFX (special effects) section incorporates JavaScript programming effects, with discussions of how and why these effects can and should be usefully integrated into your website based on the type of retailing you are involved in.

Our SAMPLE section showcases examples of art work and web designs by our designer elle A, with discussions of the reasoning behind the designs. A web designer must always know the purpose of your site before attempting to execute any work on a design. elle A Designs do not use templates. Sites are built to the needs and specifications of the client. Our samples section shows you that you are working with a legitimate artist and designer who will achieve a look and image which is distinctly you, which will separate your site from the run of the mill, typical cookie cutter sites that we see on the web. We trust that you will find the elle A Designs website an insightful tool, executed for the purpose of educating you the consumer in the whys and wherefores of site design and to show you in a well designed manner what is available to you.

Above, we have broken down our site, into easy to chew pieces. Our chained menu will allow you to search more easily for specific concepts that you are interested in. Remember to use the back button or the backspace key to return to this page. Enjoy your stay with elle A Designs. We know it will be educational and enjoyable for you.