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elle A Designs offers a full range of web related services. This page will briefly outline our services and recommendations for your website. It is good to remember that we are extremely flexible.

Our company will do everything possible to give you the exact website that you desire. If you have not already looked through our pages, we recommend that you do so, to get an idea of the options available.

Any features or functionalities you see in our web site can be worked into your site design. Below we have included a table which sketches our price structure. This is also flexible and is a starting point only.
Domain Procuration: We will research domain names and the cost of procuring your domain name. The actual cost of the domain name is not included in our web design prices. Registration of your domain with search companies like 'Yahoo' and 'Google' are, as well, not included in the price of your web design. Cost of the file transfer protocol (FTP) of your website onto your ISPs server at this time is covered by our service. However if the bandwidth of uploading of your site becomes over 10GB, the excess charge will need to be covered by the client.

Logo, Banner and Animated GIF: If your company doesn't yet have a logo, elle A Design is excited about offering our services in aiding you to create a marketable image for your business. We will work with your ideas and create 5 versions of logo to choose from. We will also help you to seek copyrights for your logo image. The actual cost of the copyrighting is not included in our web design prices.

Layout  and Design: Please refer to the first chart below for estimated prices of various web designs. The first column gives the price and also the estimated time to put the web site together once the material for the web design and content have been gathered. The price includes navigation system, header design, and integration of content into the design. elle A Design will edit written copy which is supplied by the client, to fit into the site design, but is not responsible for the contents.

Form Creation and Implementation: A customized form, meeting internet protocols, will be designed and integrated into your site, if it is necessary to the success of your business. Integration requires communication with your ISP and domain provider. These entities will most likely charge the client for these services.

Content: Provided by your company, will be integrated into the website, using functionalities demonstrated on our site. The second chart below shows recommendations regarding functional script options available to display content.

Flash Animation: Implementation of Flash features is available for discussion. At this time, on the web, entire web sites are designed utilizing Flash and JavaScript. Elle A Disigns is oriented to creation of web designs which implement dHTML, CSS and JavaScript Programming and Language.

Cascading Style Sheet: CSS concepts will be used to maintain ease of style revision and are included in the price. Style includes the appearance of: headings, subheadings, text blocks and links, page color and background, textual font style, colour, size, indentation, margins, borders and more.

Photography: Does your company require photographic services? Our photographer's day rate is $125.00 Canadian. Our photographer is skilled in product photography, food styling and photography, location photography, studio photography and life styles photo creation.

Design includes the following. (Place mouse on column headings for more information.)
 Pages   Header   Menu   CSS   Content   Form   Logo   Banner   Anim
 Images   Photo
5-8         10-20  
5-8       10-20  
5-8     20-40  
5-8   30-50  
5-8 30-50  
8 plus 100s


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