An Image Which Grows

Alternative and creative. Site must be viewed at 1024 X 1168 resolution.
Here we present a short javascript program which allows an image to grow. If you missed the effect, hit your browser's refresh button and scroll down to see it again. We also included text in the effect.
We've used a GIF image which has a transparent background so that it will not interfere with the look of our pastel coloured background. An animated GIF can also be used with this effect.
Our design team is presently trying to integrate this script into an image mouseover table where, when the cursor touches the image it expands, thus eleminating the need for a thumbnail image.
Say hello to our fantastic blue planet, third from the sun. For a full on, hit you in the face, effect of a very important image, use this script to introduce the image. The transition of the image is fairly smooth. The text can be resized as well or not nessecarily. Stay tuned and see what we accomplish with this javascript.