Hello, my name is Eleanor Binder.Hello, allow me to introduce myself, Eleanor Binder. I am a student in the Bilingual Office Administration Continuing Education Program at Heritage College, in Hull. I created this website to introduce myself to you, the prospective employer. I also provide links to my online portfolio, to enable you to judge the calibre of my work.

I am and have always been, from a young age, very interested in anything artistic. Much of my education and experience is in artistic fields. I am a certified photographer and web designer, I do manual drawing and painting, and computer graphics. I love to read and write.

My background in the arts has also given me an appreciation of the cultures of the world, the contributions that continents and countries have made to the cultural state of man today. I find festivals commemorating and celebrating our Canadian cultures to be the most entertaining and fulfilling pastimes.

Some words I use to describe myself:

  • reliable
  • responsible
  • energetic
  • creative
  • problem solver
  • team player
  • fast learner
  • determined
  • patient
  • organized
  • mentorial
  • knowledgeable
  • innovative
  • detail oriented
  • excellent communicator
  • self-starter
  • diverse
  • contributor
  • motivated
  • customer oriented

I have done very intense research to locate the best employers who need my very broad skill base, and for whom I could make a difference.

The making of this website is not part of the curriculum. Because I am interested in the field of web design and e-commerce, I know that this website will be a good tool for an employer to see, to impart my skill base and important information.

I am very well versed in web design concepts. Please be sure to check out the portfolio page. I have also included a synopsis of the courses I am taking at Heritage College and my career experience.

If you need to hire an office coordinator who can really do it all, look no further. I have a lot to contribute in a field that would be of ultimate interest to me.

My recent education, at Heritage College, ties all these skills together, in both official languages with other complimentary administration and office skills. I am a very diverse person who wants to contribute to a very diverse company. My studies end in two weeks and can be completed in the evening. Please contact me anytime.


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Hello, my name is Eleanor Binder.