It has been a tremendous year attending Heritage College. It is fantastic to see that almost all of my classmates will complete the course. Sadly we did lose a couple of people and they are missed. I am extremely proud of my class and I hope we will keep in touch. The NEWS page is dedicated to BOA2, my class.

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♥ As a testament to what a great class and instructors I have at Heritage College, two of my classmates were nominated by the faculty for a prestigious award presented at a gala banquet April 2, 2009. The event was to celebrate the "semaine Quebcois des adultes en formation", and my classmates Kim and George represented us as adult students. They also went to the Virgin radio station and recorded a radio commercial. Kudos to you both and to all adult students. ♥

♥ April 6, 2009: After enjoying two or more weeks of spring, it is snowing again. Canada, a wonderfully diverse country with diverse weather. ♥

♥  October 2008: Eleanor wins third prize for best costume at the Heritage College Continuing Education Halloween party. I called my costume Goth Punk Zombie. No one recognized me and I even frightened some of my classmates.  ♥

♥ January 2009: Our entire class went for an exhilerating snowshoe expedition at the MacKenzie King Estate. NCC tour guides lead us for a two hour walk about the property. It was a perfect day with sun, blue skies and glistening snow.  ♥

♥ January 2009: Classmate, Wenting, is awarded a place on the Heritage College honours list for her previous year in the Accounting Program. Congratulations Wenting.  ♥

♥ Alas for the new BOA3 class, they will not have the pleasure of French instruction with Madame Luttgen. Madame had surgery on her hip and is on a bed rest sabbatical. I hope she will heal well and be able to return to school. ♥