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Welcome to the Rideau Valley Artists Website

Online Resources
This site is for you, the artist or artisan, who wants to have an internet presence so that you can realize the advantages that global web exposure can bring to your work. Most importantly this is for you the artist or artisan, who does not want to pay the full price of having an entire website put together and the cost that this involves.
This site sponsors each artist on a page of his or her own for a fraction of the cost of a full web site. On your page you can have images of your work and you can include text which says exactly what you want to say. The work of posting the website and your page is done for you by the webmaster and editor of the site, Eleanor Binder.
  • Step One: "How does this work?" you are probably wondering. It is a very simple procedure. We start with images. You can email scanned images to Eleanor, or post mail your slides or photos for Eleanor to scan. If you don't yet have photos of your work Eleanor will be happy to photograph your work for you, for a nominal fee to cover transportation, film and processing costs.

  • Step Two: is to decide what you would like to say on your page. You may want to speak of your philosophy of art, describe and explain your influences, or you may simply want to describe the title, dimensions and price of the work. This is left completely up to you. Eleanor will take dictation over the phone, or you can email or post mail your text to her.

  • Step Three: is now up to Eleanor to take your images and text, format them into the correct configuration and post this on the site. You are also invited to choose a style from our Style Section, if you are so inclined. From the time of receipt of your images and text to getting them up onto the site in a complete state should take about a week or two.

Voila. You are now on the internet. Of course there is a small fee attached to the service. A low monthly price of $10.00 will be charged. For those of you who like to save money, the yearly fee is $100.00. Please read on to discover the other services offered with this website.

  • Your web page comes with full, daily maintenance. If you want to change your page, or add new images to it, every once in a while, that will be included in the price. Perhaps you would like to change your text every now and then. That is also included in the price.

  • You have the option of ordering coded programming on your page which will disable surfers on the site from saving your images into their computers.  A copyright disclaimer will be included so that the surfer understands that your intellectual property is being protected.

  • The site contains a bulletin board where you can post announcements, sell items or keep the site community, and the general public apprised of new shows and sales. It will be updated every day, and again, you can call, email or post mail this information.

  • The site contains a directory in which you can be listed, which will directly link to your site page and your email address. You can also include your mailing address and phone number if you are so inclined. The plan is to include names and addresses, phone numbers of art supply shops, gift shops, galleries and venues of all sorts which are of interest to artists. Your suggestions for this area of the site are welcomed.

  • A plan for the near future is to include a tour map of the environs of the Rideau Valley area and place your studio or work place on the map, so that art enthusiasts can find you more easily when they are on their Sunday drive away from the city. This endeavor will be made into a tour, and will include business hours for visits from the general public.

  • This tour and the site will be submitted to all major search engines and many smaller search engines. We will work on getting the site linked with such authorities as: The National Capital Commission, Tourism Ontario, Tourism Canada, The National Art Gallery of Canada (Ottawa), The Art Gallery of Ontario (Toronto), and so on.


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