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Your Online Presence and the Internet

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The ability to share ideas via the Internet is providing users an unrivaled vehicle for creative expression. No longer dependent upon publishers, mass media, and other traditional distribution channels, thousands of artists, writers, poets, scientists, musicians, students, and others are making their work available to others around the globe.

The existing latent creative talent surfacing in the exchanges of the Internet confirms that as individuals we have not yet become nearly as passive or simple-minded as critics of our society, and our education system, would lead us to believe. On the contrary, given this vehicle for being heard, individuals of all ages are engaging in complex, educational, and highly creative interchanges. As people, together learn to become more creative, the Internet provides them a mechanism through which they can share their enthusiasm and discoveries with others.

Here are the advantages of having an online presence:

  • This site gives you the opportunity to share your creative work with the global population. Rather than relying on exposure only in the Ottawa Valley or Canada, through this site you can gain world wide exposure for your ideas and talent.

  • You will be joining a network of community artists who can work together to bring art enthusiasts into our community, studios and shops. The trickle down effect of tourist populations visiting our communities can be felt throughout the entire economic strata of the community and lots of people and businesses benefit.

  • Every painting or piece that you sell for yourself, by yourself, rather than relying on a gallery, which charges consignment fees and commissions, increases your bottom line.

  • Many galleries have websites, and would consider linking to your page on the Rideau Valley Artists Website. This would give your work added exposure, as space on a gallery site is at a premium due to the large number of artists a gallery represents.

  • The internet is no longer in its infancy, and has proven to be a valuable reference, promotional, and sales tool. The concept for this site is to use it to promote artists and artisans in the Rideau Valley area, Grenville Leeds and Lanark Counties, and the Rideau Lakes areas. We need a tool which will invite people to come out and see us, to take a country drive on a fine Sunday morning, armed with the knowledge of what they will find if they take the time to drive in our direction. We have to invite them and let them know how much fun they will have if they come this way. That is what this site is all about. To let the people in Ottawa, Hull, Montreal, Toronto, Canada and the rest of the world, know that we are more than just simple country folk artists.

  • Within the internet community, sites and companies welcome a concept called reciprocal linking. This is when two sites each agree to post the other site's linking banner. This creates a traffic exchange between the sites and is called affiliation. Every attempt will be made to have this site affiliated with such sites as: the National Capital Commission, Tourism Ontario, Tourism Canada, the National Gallery and so on. That is the scale we want to be on. That is how to reach people and bring traffic on to our site. We all know we are here and we have a lot to offer. We have to let the rest of the world know.

The author, editor and webmaster of this site, Eleanor Binder, gained her Web Development and Web Design education at Computech Career College in Ottawa, Ontario. With 3 years of experience at three established internet companies, Eleanor 's interest in art and artists drives her ambition to represent the Arts community on the web.  She has been involved with Fine Arts and Photography for all of her adult life.  To view Eleanor's own art work,click here



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