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The Importance of Being an Affiliate.

Hello Future Affilliate,

It is hoped that you have had a chance to look our site over. We trust that you will find it to be a valuable commodity on the World Wide Web, as well as an immeasurable resource for artists of the Rideau Valley, Ottawa-Carleton, and Gatineau-Hull areas. Ultimately we plan to house 280 artists before we have need for expansion.

Our affiliate program offers you the opportunity to place your banner on our site, in exchange for reciprocal consideration. You will note that our affiliate banner is visible at all times. We use random programming to display our affiliates' banners. The banners rotate constantly while the site is displayed.

The number of people who will visit this site will number in the thousands. With your banner on our site, you will ultimately recieve some of our visitors, and you will advertise your site for all future visitors. We are pleased to offer this opportunity.

In order to maintain integrity with our clientel, we would ask that you do not solicit membership from our client and affiliate base, and we in return make the same promise.

Our current affiliates are very diverse, encompassing artists who have their own websites, and organizations which hold interest for artists. If you feel that you fit our affiliate criteria we would ask that you contact us. Our banner will be emailed to you in exchange for your banner. As you will notice, all of the banners which we display on the site are copyright protected and cannot be purloined through the right click > save method. We also offer this service to our artists.

Our current list of affiliates is as follows, in no particular order:

Please check out the affiliates individual pages through the Menu Section at the top left of this page. You will recieve detailed information about each affiliate. This we will do for all future affiliates. If you feel that you are interested in our Affiliate Program, please contact the webmaster through the link below and tell us a bit about yourself. We will honour every inquiry with a response.


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