The website for locating the goods and stores of your choice in Ottawa malls and shopping centres
Major Gatineau malls also included

Ottawa Mall Shopping, the site which enables you to locate the goods you want to purchase easily and lets you know which mall it is available in. Below is a varied list of possible goods available in Ottawa malls. Find the type of item that you want, and the link will take you to a breakdown of malls where you can find the goods you are interested in. We hope that this will simplify shopping for Ottawa mall lovers.

Welcome to Ottawa Mall Shopping, concieved for you the mall loving shopper to aid you in locating the goods and services you seek. We welcome your patronage. You all come back again, real soon.
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Welcome to our new site for mall lovers and shoppers We, many of us, love malls. This site has been created for shoppers in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, our nation's capital, to enable mall shoppers to find the goods, services and retail venues they need, on the internet. This site is similar to the mall directory map, always found in larger malls. Have you ever gone to a mall, figuring that a mall has everything and it must have exactly the thing that you are looking for, only to be dissapointed. Once you've stood in front of the mall directory for a number of minutes, you finally realize you must turn away, disappointed and go else where. This site is meant to stop this from happening to an Ottawa Mall Shopper, ever again.