Background Effects with Cascading Style Sheets

Alternative and creative. Site must be viewed at 1024 X 1168 resolution.
Please note the repeating striped background at the top of the page and also across the top of the text box below. You will note that the repetition of the pattern shows that this is a single repeated image.

These strips of images have been specially set up to repeat only along one axis of the page section that they are in. This type of decoration can be incorporated to differentiate between sections of the page.

This design trick can be used to give unity to your site. This image can be anything you choose in any colour that you like and the careful placement on various pages will create a theme for your site.


On this page our repeating image is very blatantly demonstrated. We would suggest that your use of this effect was less loud, of course. The repeating image is a very good way to use colour in your site. The beauty of this method is, that it the same image loaded in over and over, by the cascading style command. In this way you can have colour and it doesn't make your site graphically heavy. Graphically heavy sites take longer to load onto the viewers screen and it is good to keep download times as low as possible. Especially if you want to appeal to rural areas where typically, computer users are bound to slow loading modem telephone lines.