elle A Designs with Paint?

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With so many web designers claiming to be artists, it is refreshing to find one who really is an artist. elle A presents a gallery of art work here on site to dispel any doubts that she really is an artist.

As an artist elle A is a graphic designer, artist and photographer who is a real asset to our team. She takes us in directions that we would not be able to imagine on our own, our creative backbone.

Below, we expose her true talent for painting and include her own notes on her work. elle A is not afraid of colour as you will see, and uses it brilliantly. We credit all graphics on this site to elle A.

As the inspiration for our team, (the rest of us being a bunch of geeks and hacks who wanted to be in a legitimate business) elle A was instrumental in the concept of this site. elle wanted to bust the myth that web design is a mystical, complicated process that can only be accomplished by persons who have a ton of acroynms after their name.

As a creative team endeavour she suggested we become the Penn and Teller of webdesign, busting the myths and laying to rest the concept that webdesign can only be done by a select few design houses who charge exorbitant prices and do chop shop work using public domain photographs and template programs.

We hope that you will enjoy elle's art gallery. Please note that the table presentation below is an excellent vehicle for presenting any type of images.