Welcome to the webpage of Annette (ne Laflamme) Sheppard,
Visual Artist and Porcelain Doll Maker.
Below is my oil painting, called Equestrian Hero, a salute to Ian Miller riding Lady Luck, circa 1982. Ian Miller is a local hero of ours, from Perth, Ontario and a very prominent Canadian who trains The Canadian Olympic Equestrian Riding Team and keeps Canada in high profile at the Olympics.
I was born in Gaspe, Quebec, lived in Saint Jeanne D’Arc and Montreal, Quebec and Ottawa, Ontario, before moving to Smiths Falls, Ontario. I have been living in Smiths Falls since 1981.

My works are available in oil paint and the frames are included with the paintings. I also create soft bodied, porcelain dolls which have porcelain limbs and head and which I costume and paint. There is more information toward the bottom of this page about my dolls.

I like to paint works that are photographically realistic. I love colour and detail. My favorite subjects are specifically animals and children, people in general, landscapes and religious themes. I am inspired by the idea of capturing a moment in time.

In 2007 I was privelidged to show and exhibit my work in Smiths Falls at: the Rideau Canal Museum, 175th Anniversary (1832-2007) Art Show, The Colour and the Canal Art Show, and at the 26th Annual Art Show and Sale at the Heritage House Museum.

I was very happy to see my old friends at these shows and to meet new friends as well. Thank you all for your support. Best wishes for the New Year 2008 and I hope to see you all through out next year. Please enjoy my webpage.


Oil Paintings of People - Click on thumbnail images for enlargement.

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Annette Sheppard
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All paintings and dolls depicted here are copyright of Annette Sheppard 2007.

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Landscape Oil Paintings - Click on thumbnail images for enlargement.

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Porcelain Dolls - Click on thumbnail images for enlargement.
These charming, life-like and life sized dolls, each one unique and one of a kind, began life in a jar -- that is, a jar of liquid porcelain slip in Annette Sheppard's Studio. Here is a short synopsis of how her dolls came to be. The slip is poured into a mold and once hardened to the correct consistency, the mold is very carefully removed. The seams created by the mold are cut away and sanded smooth.

The pieces (heads, arms, legs) are then fired in a kiln at temperatures of approximately 1300 degrees centigrade or 2400 degrees Fahrenheit. Pieces are then painted with finishing details such as eyes, eyelashes, lips, fingers, toes, body contours and so forth. In order to fix the glaze paint, the items are fired again, at a lower temperature. Depending on the amount of detail needed, a piece may be painted and fired three or four times.

The dolls' bodies are built around a plastic or wire armature. Polyester stuffing is applied to the armature as padding and used also as stuffing in the dolls' bodies. The dolls 'skin' is comprised of hand-dyed cotton. Dyes can be of organic or chemical origin. The dolls arms and legs are tied first, to the inside of the fabric portion of the body.

Baby Doll 1 Baby Doll 2 Baby Doll 3 Baby Doll 4 Baby Doll 5

Porcelain Doll 1 Porcelain Doll 2 Porcelain Doll 3 Porcelain Doll 4 Porcelain Doll 5

Porcelain Doll 6 Porcelain Doll 7 Porcelain Doll 8 Porcelain Doll 9 Porcelain Doll 10

Porcelain Doll 11 Porcelain Doll 12 Porcelain Doll 13 Porcelain Doll 14 Porcelain Doll 15

Porcelain Doll 16 Porcelain Doll 17 Porcelain Doll 18 Porcelain Doll 19 Porcelain Doll 20
The casing is put back right side out and then glued to the porcelain limbs. The armature and stuffing are inserted. And finally the dolls' heads are tied and glued on. Each finished doll is uniquely dressed in a custom made outfit and topped with a realistic, acrylic, artificial hair wig. The dolls portrayed here measure between 20 to 23 inches in height. Each has underclothing. Dolls costumed in dresses have elaborate undergarments of bloomers, vest and underskirt. Only brand new materials are used to create Annette's Dolls. © 1991 The "Kitten" doll was originally created by Connie Walser Derek of Connie's Dolls and Company. Limited edition molds of the original "Kitten" doll were made available by Connie Walser Derek. One of these molds was bought by Annette Sheppard to create her line of original porcelain dolls.

All paintings and doll images copyright © 2007 by Annette Sheppard. All rights reserved. Revised: 12.27.2007